1st Single album “COME INTO THE NEW WORLD”

CLAP [Hangul+Romanization+translation+Bahasa]

Let’s Dance [Hangul+Romanization+translation]


2nd Single Album “TRANSFORM”

SUPA LUV [Hangul+Romanization+translation]

ANGEL [Hangul+Romanization+translation+Bahasa]


1st Mini Album ‘ROMAN”

No More Perfume On You [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Beautiful Girl [Hangul+Romanization+Translation] [Bahasa]

First Kiss [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Brushing [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Tell me Why [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]


2nd Mini Album “IT’S”

TEEN TOP [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Crazy [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Where’s ma girl [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Girl Friend [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]


3rd Mini Album “aRtisT”


To You [Hangul+Romanization] [Translation]

Baby U [Hangul+Romanization] [Translation]

Shake It [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]


3rd Single Album “SUMMER SPECIAL”

Whereas/Fall For [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Be Ma Girl [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Party Tonight [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]


1st FULL ALBUM “No.1”

130219_TEENTOP_sunsunsun - Copy (2)

Miss right [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Missing you [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

I wanna love [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]

Stop girl [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Why [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Hello [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Never go back [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Mad at you [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

So sweet [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

get crazy [Hangul+Romanization+Translation]



1st FULL ALBUM “No.1” Repackage


Walk By [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

Jealousy [Hangul+Romanization+Translation+Bahasa]

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