[TRANS] 130618 Chunji Ricky Twitter update

Chunji twitter update:

BNBSsEDCUAEsT4F.png large

창현이랑 부산으로 힐링가서~~~ 힐링하고왔다……….♥

[TRANS] Came to Busan for healing with Changhyun~~ We’re here to heal our souls……….♥

[BAHASA] Datang ke Busan untuk penyegaran bersama Changhyun~~ Kami disini untuk menyegarkan jiwa kami……….♥

ricky reply:

굿굿굿 대박짱

[TRANS] Good Good Good Awesome Amazing

[BAHASA] bagus bagus bagus mempesona mengagumkan

eng trans: oursupaluv

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