[PREVIEW] 130511 Ricky at TEEN TOP 1st Asia Tour in Seoul Day-1 [13P]

BJ_C0gwCUAEFDW1.jpg large

BJ_CK4JCMAAdStB.jpg large

BJ_DVsSCEAAzRU1.jpg large

BJ_EuXyCEAIpGDH.jpg large

BJ_FI2pCYAAZKWV.jpg large

BJ_FneZCcAA6NLU.jpg large


BJ_L5wpCYAAEjji.jpg large

BJ_NV1CCQAE8x88.jpg large

BJ-8sgyCcAAYaoY.jpg large

BJ-76UwCUAEXaV2.jpg large

BJ_UL8iCYAIGiNw.jpg large

BJ_UVydCUAAt9GY.jpg large

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