[TRANS] 130430 Ricky twitter update

Ricky reetweeted MYname tweet:

BJEHoEsCQAARzTP.jpg large

학교에서 졸업사진찍다만난 리키 ^^

[TRANS] Met Ricky in school when taking the graduation photo ^^

[BAHASA] Bertemu Ricky disekolah saat mengambil foto kelulusan^^

BJEiJCWCIAAi4RP.jpg large

오늘 잘챙겨줘서고맙다잉~^^

[TRANS] Thanks for looking after me today~^^

[BAHASA] Terima kasih untuk hari ini~^^

L.Joe reply:

@T_Ricky_T 올~ 친구두있어?

[TRANS] @T_Ricky_T oh~ you even have friends??

[BAHASA] @T_Ricky_T oh~ apa kau bahkan punya teman??

Ricky reply:

@ljoeljoe1123 형두 내 친구^^

[TRANS] @ljoeljoe1123 Hyung is my friend too ^^

[BAHASA] @ljoeljoe1123 Hyung juga temanku^^

l.Joe reply:

BJEpyI2CUAALEPD.jpg large

Caption on photo says “No no no no no way”

Tulisan dalam foto “tidak tidak tidak tidak tidak”

BJExc17CQAECad0.jpg large

i’m a chick ^^

[BAHASA] iSaya seekor ayam ^^

100%’s Jonghwan reply:

@T_Ricky_T 잘생깄다~

[TRANS] @T_Ricky_T You’re good looking~

[BAHASA] @T_Ricky_T kau tampan~

Ricky reply:

@100per_jonari 알라뷰^^

[TRANS] @100per_jonari I Love you^^

[BAHASA] @100per_jonari saya mencintaimu^^

100%’s Sanghoon tweets:

@T_Ricky_T sick아니야?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ메롱

[TRANS] @T_Ricky_T Are you sick? Kekekekeke melong

[BAHASA] @T_Ricky_T Apa kau sakit? Kekekekeke melong

Ricky reply:

@OHP_SH you badboy…. omg

[BAHASA] @OHP_SH kau anak nakal…. Ya Tuhan

eng trans: oursupaluv


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