[FANCAM] 130203 TEEN TOP Europe Tour (Dortmund, German)


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Supa Luv || Be Ma Girl || TEEN TOP Talk [1] [2] || Niel and C.A.P Duo

cre: cianociel

Changjo L.Joe Ricky Dance Stage (ricky focus) || Teen Top – Shake it || Chunji solo stage – Count on me

cre: kim alice

Ricky said “ich liebe dich” || Teen Top – Good Time || Teen Top – Clap || Teen Top – all you need is love || Teen Top – Crazy || Teen Top – Shake it || Changjo L.Joe Ricky dance stage || Teen Top – To You

cre: thebellinchen

Teen Top ment in German || Supa Luv || Be Ma Girl

cre: XueTuKyoto

Teen Top Dortmund final

cre: Nadi

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