[FANCAM] 130128 TEEN TOP at Idol Star Athletic Championship


TOP family singing and dancing along


TEEN TOP eating yogurth || Teen Top dancing to Block B’s ‘NanlinA’ || TEEN TOP || Teen Top doing cutie player || TEEN TOP – 400m Relay || Teen Top going crazy || Teen Top and their funny moments at ISAC || When the hyungs bully the maknae


C.A.P tying Chunji’s hood-strings


Chunji againts MBLAQ’s Thunder || Chunji do a prank to C.A.P || Chunji kissing Defconn xD || Chunji, L.Joe and Changjo being fascinated by archery


L.Joe telling fans to eat || L.Joe and C.A.P dancing || L.Joe talking with other idols || L.Joe with ZE:A’s Taeheon and Siwan || L.Joe back hugging Changjo ||


Niel talking to EXO’s Tao || NielJoe moment || playful Niel and Changjo || Niel Changjo arm wrestling || Niel || Niel and Ricky playing around || Niel touching everyone’s muscles


busy Ricky || Ricky talking to Jo twins (boyfriend) || Ricky send a love arrow to Angels


pushover Changjo

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